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How to Choose the Right Irrigation Contractor

a sprinkler is wartering lawns

Beautiful yards and gardens are attractive, but maintaining them can be daunting. Installing an irrigation system can greatly simplify this task. However, selecting a reliable irrigation contractor can be challenging. How do you ensure you choose the right one?

Here are five things to consider when choosing your irrigation contractor. Keep reading the blog and learn more.

Irrigation Expertise

Any irrigation company you're considering should know various irrigation options when installing sprinklers. Check their website or read reviews, and learn if the company has been in business for many years or has highly-trained staff in irrigation installations.

Services Offered

Another factor to consider when choosing an irrigation contractor is what services are offered. Ensure their services meet your needs.

For example, at Spring Showers Irrigation, we provide the following services:

  • Residential Irrigation Installations

  • Commercial Irrigation Installations

  • Sprinkler Repairs

  • Custom Irrigation

  • Spring and Winter Maintenance


Finally, one of the last things to consider regarding your irrigation installation is where it comes with any warranties. Sprinkler systems aren't cheap, so you want to know that you are protected against any faults in the system that occur in the few weeks after installation.

The company's website often mentions warranties, but if they don't, then enquire with the company directly. If they don't offer any guarantees or warranties, then pass them up and move on to the next candidate.

Ask About Insurance

When installing irrigation, you should consider if the company you're considering has the required insurance. For example, the company should at least have liability insurance.

This insurance will protect you and the irrigation company from unforeseen expenses if an accident occurs. There should be a minimum of $1 million in commercial general liability insurance.

Get A Sprinkler System in Your Oakville Home Today

Having a lush, green lawn all year round doesn't have to be a battle. Your irrigation contractor can help keep your lawn green. Before deciding on the contractor, consider their credentials, insurance coverage, and warranties.

Spring Showers Irrigation has been providing services in all phases of irrigation, from planning and designing to installation and maintenance. Our experts are ready to help your lawn or garden grow.

Get your free quote today if you're looking for irrigation services in Burlington, Niagara, Brantford, Hamilton, Oakville, and surrounding properties.


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