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Automatic Sprinkler Systems for Multiple Irrigation Benefits in Grimsby and surrounding areas

Spring Showers Irrigation understands how much your property means to you. It is probably one of your most significant investments, and it deserves services that improve its functionality and appearance. We provide reliable irrigation services in Oakville that enhance the beauty of your landscape and make its maintenance easy. An increasing number of property owners in Oakville are turning to our services, and with good reason. Our automated systems provide people with a host of irrigation benefits in Oakville. Our quality irrigation systems help your garden or lawn become greener and healthier. With our services, you don't have to worry about constantly maintaining your lawn to leave a good impression on the visitors to your commercial property. Homeowners can achieve a beautiful landscape all year round, regardless of the weather conditions.


Our irrigation products and services save water, improve your landscape, and are easy on your pockets. Our irrigation company understands the requirements of property owners and seeks to meet them with quality services and products. We invite you to browse through our gallery to learn more about irrigation benefits in Oakville and our products and services.

Water Conservation and Efficiency

Water conservation is of the utmost importance to all of us. Spring Showers Irrigation utilizes the latest technology and the finest irrigation products from Rain Bird® to offer our services throughout the Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Brantford, Niagara and Surrounding Areas. We’re able to help customers conserve water by precise timing and system design that eliminates any overwatering. We’ll custom design a lawn sprinkler system to your unique location and conditions. The result is a beautiful, green, healthy landscape.


Whether you’re interested in a new lawn sprinkler system or service for your existing system, we analyze the short- and long-term needs of the landscape constantly with an eye toward safeguarding your investment and protecting its design integrity. We pay attention to details and offer complete prompt, courteous customer care. Would you like to learn more about irrigation benefits in Oakville and the various services we offer? We invite you to send your questions to us, and we will get back to you. We also offer a range of irrigation resources to help you take care of your property’s landscape. 

Irrigation Saves You Time

You don’t have to spend countless hours working in your yard to achieve a beautiful landscape! Your lawn and garden can be what your neighbours have always wanted with a professionally installed automatic sprinkler system. Better yet, you don’t even have to be there. Your role after you have a system is to allow it to do all the work for you. So put away your garden hose and forget to set your watch, let us do your watering for you! Your grass will be healthier, your plants more fruitful, and most importantly, you’ll have more free time to enjoy the scenery. We offer a range of irrigation services to help ensure you enjoy your weekends while the plants are adequately watered automatically.

Irrigation is an Investment

A professionally installed automatic sprinkler system is a great investment for any home or business. There’s no easier or more cost-effective way to beautify your home and boost its value. As well, our desire is to place exactly the right amount of water on specific areas of your lawn and garden and to ensure that water isn’t wasted. You don’t have this option with a regular garden sprinkler, so you tend to leave it going longer to get those hard-to-hit areas. This can add up over a few seasons on your water bill. Now you can put a stop to that and start your savings!

It Offers You Peace of Mind

Let’s face it; summer is a time where we all like to get out, enjoy the sun, and perhaps even take a nice vacation. Well, with an automatic sprinkler system taking care of your property, you no longer have to worry. You can go away and have confidence that you’re going to return to healthy green grass and lively vegetation. And if the weather’s rainy or there’s a lot of precipitation, our systems are all installed with a sensor that deactivates the sprinklers when water isn’t needed. What more can you ask for?

However, there’s more to a sprinkler system than just sprinkler heads. Design and installation are critical factors that will affect the way your system performs and how long it’ll last. That’s why it’s important to have a professional design and install the right system for your particular landscape. 



You can count on us to do the job right the first time. Call Spring Showers Irrigation today for a free quote, or visit our FAQ page for more answers to your questions about installing irrigation systems.

Deciding whether an irrigation system is right for your garden?

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of installing an irrigation system in Oakville.

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