Automatic Irrigation Systems Installation in Oakville

Here at Spring Showers Irrigation, we care about how your lawn and garden look. To that end, we offer irrigation services in Oakville and surrounding areas. Let us install, maintain, or upgrade in-ground irrigation systems for your home, business, or industrial project. Our team can help you with any of the services below.

Irrigation System Installation

We’ve served the Oakville community for over 10 years, and our installation professionals have worked with us for a minimum of 5 years each. Whether you need a new underground or drip irrigation system for your commercial or residential property, we can help. Call today to talk to a technician about irritation system installation in Oakville.

Sprinkler Repair

It’s never fun to deal with a broken sprinkler system. Let us do it for you. Our service technicians offer a quick response time and capable industry knowledge. We can fix anything from a faulty component to larger system issues. Your lawn won’t go brown on our watch.

Spring and Winter Seasonal Maintenance

Irrigation systems in Oakville need proper maintenance throughout the seasons to work effectively.

When spring arrives, we will fill the system with water and inspect for leaks or broken sprinkler heads. We will also program your controller and check your lawn for full coverage. When we have finished, you’ll receive a summary of our inspection so you can make an informed decision about any repairs.

Before winter hits, let us prepare your system for the upcoming colder months. We’ll flush all water out with an air compressor to prevent freezing, cracking, and leaks. We’ll also properly shut off the access valve to prevent water from seeping back into the system. This will protect your investment for years to come.

If you need any of the services above, call one of our technicians today at 905 309 1618 for a free quote.

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