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The Ultimate Sprinkler System Maintenance Checklist for Summer

a sprinkler watering lawns

Sprinkler leaks are often the least noticeable of all since they are typically underground in the pipes. These leaks can go on leaking for weeks or months without you realizing it. All it takes is some simple sprinkler system maintenance to avoid driving up your water bill.

Prepare your sprinkler system for summer by going through the checklist with us. Your lawn will be green and flourishing!

Clear up Any Blockage During Your Sprinkler System Maintenance

Sprinkler heads are often neglected, especially during winter months. Irrigation maintenance starts with making sure they are in good condition. Remove any grass if it is blocking them, and clear out dirt.

Some sprinklers may have sunk down and required a bit of adjustment. You may need to call in your sprinkler service to handle this.

The solution may require digging up some lines and packing in heavier sediment to keep them in place. Over time, sand and loose dirt can cause sprinkler heads and their pipes to shift around.

Replace Any Worn-out Components

Check the signs of wear on the nozzles. These plastic components tend to wear down within 3 to 5 years. Fortunately, the PVC buried beneath does not experience water degradation over time.

The sprinkler may alter its spray pattern and cause yellow patches in the lawn if the nozzles are worn out. New nozzles will improve water pressure and distribution throughout the lawn.

Identify any leaks and fix them, or call professional services.

Make Necessary System Adjustments

Even if you take care of sprinkler winterization, you may notice your sprinkler heads are off-kilter come next spring.

It is time to make the necessary fixes. Run your system and observe how it performs. Make adjustments until you get an even spread across your entire lawn.

This step may take a lot of effort since you will have to observe and adjust multiple times until you get it right, but in the end, you will have a gorgeous lawn.

Find a Trusted Irrigation Expert in Oakville

Sprinkler system maintenance is a must, especially coming out of a long and cold winter. Your sprinkler heads and PVC pipes need a bit of care to get them back to their optimal performance. Call a sprinkler contractor to take care of things, or roll up your sleeves and spend a Saturday for sprinkler adjustments.

Spring Showers Irrigation offers sprinkler installation to maintenance. Reach out to us for your sprinkler repair and maintenance.

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