Oakville Sprinkler System Winterization & Installation Service

When your home or business needs a sprinkler system, choose Spring Showers Irrigation to get the job done. We have offered sprinkler system installation in Oakville since the 2000s and are proud to be a family-owned and -operated business.

The Benefits of a New Sprinkler System

Install a new sprinkler system, and it will pay for itself in no time. If you currently water your lawn by hand, our professional services can cut your water consumption in half. Automatic sprinkler systems prevent runoff and unnecessary evaporation typically seen with manual watering techniques. You can also program them to run late at night or early in the morning to save water.

In addition to saving water, you’ll also save yourself heaps of time dragging the hose around your lawn. Our multi-zone irrigation systems are designed to provide even coverage, so you’ll never have a brown patch again. You’ll have more time to enjoy your lawn with friends and family instead of constantly watering it.

Quality Oakville Sprinkler Systems & Winterization

Get a new sprinkler system with us and see the benefits almost immediately. Sprinklers installed by Spring Showers Irrigation come with a rain sensor that smartly saves water during sufficient rainfall. Your landscape won’t get muddy from too much water draining off the lawn.

Our sprinkler systems come with an industry-leading warranty, great pricing, and excellent customer service. We use top of the line Rainbird parts, a trusted brand among professionals. Our Oakville sprinkler system and winterization services won’t disappoint.

Spot-water trouble zones with our multi-zone system, or let the automated system keep your entire lawn lush without hassle. As an added bonus, each install comes with an extra hose tap for your convenience.

We also offer free estimates on all new sprinkler systems, so call us at 905 309 1618 today to get the greenest lawn possible. Or, simply fill out our online request form for a fast estimate.

Sprinkler system installations in Oakville

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